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  1. Aimee says:

    My family and I run a restaurant in Los Angeles. Let me tell you about the place, it’s PACKED with competition! There’s a LOT of restaurants that sell for 2.99 – 7.99, these are FULL meals. We have specials for 4.99 and 5.99 just because we have to for people to even try our food. We also have a buffet bar with sides, 6 options always changing.

    The customers here are awful!! See, our restaurant serves Korean food. There’s a LOT of immigrants that ran over here to America to make a living so the quality of people aren’t the best. We spent 400k doing construction on two units + plans and health approval. It pisses me off when people just speed walks in here, go straight to the buffet and DEMAND for me to take their order right then and there. Then they sit there, eat all the free buffet foods and ask us to pack a $5 dollar meal! They don’t even TOUCH their meals!! They eat their weight at the buffet and CONSTANTLY bitch about it being TOO salty. It’s only TOO salty because you’re eating classic Korean side dishes WITHOUT rice or anything else!!

    What’s worse is that, they completely disrespect EVERYONE. I’ve had many people “summon” me by clapping, clicking their tongues or calling “HEY YOU!” like I’m their pet! When it’s off rush hours, we only have a couple tables (which is normal) but our lovely customers complain even MORE about the food and tell me that, that’s the reason why it’s so slow.

    It’s made my personality into a mess. I hate most people now and, I know it’s very unfair for me to judge the entire human race because of some uneducated immigrants, it’s just so difficult to keep my faith in humanity. I’ve become overly cynical and suspicious now and it’s making me very self conscious…

  2. Josh says:

    I loved reading this – I knew I had to get out of my job, and decided to start a business, which I absolutely love. I write about some of my successes and failures at http://NeverJobHunt.com – I want to help people out because there is nothing worse than wasting away your life with a job that sucks, counting down the days until the weekend over and over. Let me help you!

  3. hb says:

    I Loathe my job. I am in customer service for insurance dealing with people on the phones all day. It’s not the customers mainly that stress me out but the company I work for. They keep adding more and more crap to our performance goals. We now have to do everything we can while on the phone to keep people from calling back. They keep track of how many return calls we have and at the same time keep our talk time down. We also have to kiss people’s butts when they call in no matter how nasty they are.
    I am so desperate for another job. I used to work part time which helped me handle the stress better but they made me go to full time since they dont have enough employees to handle the phone volume.
    I had a few job interviews in the past yr but nothing came of it.
    I really wish I had got out of this job some yrs ago when I had the chance. Now I have a family and a mortgage. I really cant afford a paycut . Actually, I probably could but my husband doesnt want me to quit because the job pays so well and our life is easier with my pay.
    Everyday I just pray that I dont drown. That’s exactly how it feels. I just hope sometimes that I will get laid off but more than likely , I would get fired for my performance before getting laid off.
    I work from home too. I know alot of people would be envious of me but it’s not all that. It feels like I am working for big brother. They keep tabs of everything and when you are on the phones, your after call, handle time and they can even see your screens to make sure you are working. Talk about stress. Ugh!!!

    • hb says:

      I forgot to mention that I have perfect attendance for the last 4 yrs but I never can get time off around the holidays so my husband can visit his family out of state. They have a lottery on who gets the time off and of course, I am never chosen.

  4. The Truth says:

    Spencer Gifts has become one of the worse companies to work for. We are located in Charlotte NC and we have a new warehouse manager and his name is Matt and has completely changed our format here. Mind you this is really seasonable work peak season is June to November and full time employees look forward to this time the year. There is employees who have been here for over 30 years and they are trying to run them off along with other employees. I stead of allowing your full time employees to make some money this dumb idiot has tripled the workforce to keep his full time employees from surviving. He is bringing in temps on Friday’s just one day a week. To keep full time from making any money. We were a 7 to 5:30 Monday thru Thursday now we have three shifts and we do need temps during bust season but most of them are not that great. He doesn’t see the errors and problems. He quick to tell people they fail but spencer gifts failed when they decided to hire Matt. He is a complete dummy and has no idea how our busy season is managed. Like most people he should of observed at least one full season and adjusted accordingly. But his ideas looked good on paper. But over 40% of the employes are prepared to walk out and not just the little people managers as well. Spencer Gifts distribution you treat you employees like crap and I’m going to feed this to everyone.

  5. D says:

    I work part time in restaurant..We close at 3 am. Which is not fun. The fact is that management thinks it’s okay to work us fromearly dinner time till 3 am without one break. It seems unfair…There are more things I could say..Such as when people come in right before close, sit forever and don’t tip..It’s no cool. Which leads me into this story.

    One night there were 3 of us on.(.Another thing about management even if we’re dead he never cuts anyone so we’re all there making squat.) These extremely high individuals come in to sit. They sit and order, taking their time. Then when it’s time to pay the check they short us nearly $30.. I catch it and we go back and explain. When they do pay they leave us $2 and y his point the restaurant has been closed for some time. Split 3 ways..That’s basically some change. No to mention the fact that one of those individuals nearly flashed us, because his pants were falling down.

    Also this past year, management felt the need to leave a note telling us we close when he says.. Meaning if it’s after 3 and he wants to stay open he’ll make us stay. Again with the no break factor..Very unfair. He also wrote that if someone orders take out right before we close, we have to stay open and wait (Which is obvious.) . But it gets better…He says if the person who took out insists on sitting…Even though we’re closed..We have to seat them.. Again not cool.

    Why do I stay? I’m making too much money I suppose..But I am looking for a job out of the industry. Hopefully I’ll find something better soon. Perhaps a job that actually offers breaks, and doesn’t keep me all night.

  6. wallie mills says:

    i work part time driving a trash truck i”m off thr sat sun on thr my boss said that i must go or call the office every thr, wlth out pay to check my mail box, the fat ass bitch can put the changes on time card this is a control thing, she hates men…

  7. Mark Hems says:

    People say that a human life is priceless yet so many are willing to sell there life for a measly £7 per hour! I’ve now been self employed for 6 weeks sitting at my laptop for an hour or two a day.

    Life is suddenly so relaxed and stress free. I always thought the make money online thing was a joke an impossible for anyone without in depth technical knowledge and ability. I am for ever in your debt for what you showed me. You know who you are, Thankyou.


    hate my job working as insurance agent at blue cross due to ALL THE PAPERWORK AND STUPID PEOPLE who make me fill out the papers cause they’re lazy!!

  9. Robert Louis says:

    I know a few of you all hate your job. I’m here to help you make money by doing virtually nothing. I’ll leave my phone number. 314-252-2326
    Let’s become business partners.

  10. Jeremy Castillo says:

    Sorry this is pretty much just me venting, actually I am venting from my work desk now. To be completely honest I don’t necessarily hate my job, but I do not love it either. I started working when I was 16, and kept trading one job for another. Started working as a “assistant chef,” don’t ask me how I got the job I don’t freaking know. Started from a small Filipino Chinese restaurant. The job sucked. In fact let me tell you a story– during a Manny Pacquio fight I was the only chef working during that night, so I was getting paid 8.25 to basically do what the freaking big boy chefs are paid 16 an hour for… From that night alone I managed to get my finger cut, and a few burn marks on my arm–that I still have til this day. 5 months into it I decided that I wanted more than the “fastfood life,” so I faked to my boss that I was going to join the Navy (another story I was really in DEP–delayed entry program, for the Navy but got kicked out cause I went to jail) but yeah I told him that I was going to the NAVY and straight up just quit one day. LOL– I picked up another job after a week since I was getting bored of just going to school. I started working at GODFORSAKEN GameStop. OH my FREAKING GOODNESS I hate, DESPISE, LOATHE, Gamestop with a passion… Me being the only employee with a brain there–I dressed appropriate as always, but surrounded with a bunch of people who smoke all day and play videogames…There is this one time I recall where a dude came in, scratched his butt–and I am pretty sure stuck his finger up there, and straight up smelt that finger! ~_~ GAG, okay During my time at gamestop I still wanted to move up, this was when I was 18 just about to turn 19. I picked up a second job while working at game stop at Armani Exchange -.- another fucking terrible company to work for, although everyone I worked with was stunning–so that makes me not that bad looking? LOL I hope -.- but yeah I got all the expensive ass suits for free , free clothes, but management is fucking terrible. One thing I’ve learned working and seeing who’s in management is you really do not need a brain to be in management, but you do need big lips… why big lips you ask? Big lips to suck the balls and ass of the higherups -.- that’s why! Not even Kidding. Okay so I left Armani, and funny thing is I never quit GameStop–they still have me on the roster TIL THIS DAY lol calling me to work black fridays, get the fuck out of here with that HAHA, but yeah I quit Armani worked for LuckyBrand for a little bit as a sales lead for two locations, again sucked my dick, in a bad way -.- I left in like 4 months. Wow now that I think about it I had a lot of jobs lol, but yeah after that I took a sabbatical for a little bit not working just going to school. And it was chill for a while but I got lazy and I wanted to do something so I worked at this place–a photography gig, and I puffed it up as much as I could telling friends and family I was a professional “photographer” but not I fucking held a sign that said take pictures here, worked a cheap fucking 5 dollar camera and said CHEESE thank you for taking photos with us, take a look at your faces downstairs for $29.99… But yeah I don’t even want to go into details about my work at the photo place just know it was crazy, ask for my email maybe i’d be able to tell you what happened from people wanting to take pictures of their tits, dicks, from asian ladys fucking slapping me saying “too expensive” tough life man… but the one thing I HATE MOST ABOUT THIS JOB was this fucking in-experienced SOM’ BITCH that got promoted right before I got the job. It’s like she had a power trip or something… Big ass buck teeth her last name was Garbaj and everyone always called her Garbage -.- Long story short I got laid off from that job, which was perfect since I was planning to quit anyways! I got unemployment, sad thing is I was getting the same amount basically, about 200 a week… lol Just spent it on girls and food. After that I took on a job as a computer consultant for some firm, I bull crapped my way into the position and now I hate it again… Management here sucks–if they make a mistake its an “opps it wasnt my fault,” but if you make a mistake best believe you are going to get a full report about it -.- It’s complete bull crap, everyone has their own little clicks here and it sucks, I managed to make friends with mostly everyone here however I know everyone here is fake. They are just waiting until you mess up and then BOOM strike so they can move up in the ranks… fucking terrible. I think I’m done basically… Lets see where life leads me guys, hopefully I can finally graduate and find a legitimate career…

  11. Lauren says:

    Ah, where to start on the shit storm I call a career? First off, I like to think of myself as a positive person. I enjoy lifting others up and do my best to see the good in everything. The place I call work has completely sucked the life out of me. Instead of coworkers, I hate an office with dementors…each one competing for the chance to suck what little is left of my soul out of my body. My boss’ sister in law works here and is my age..early 20s. Instead of bonding over similar interests: Pintrest, food, ect…she has made her personal missions to micromanage me. I don’t even work in her department! She is like that groundskeeper form Harry Potter with the cat. I suppose her cat would be the other girl who works in her department. She rants and raves constantly, and I have to say I have learned a couple new cuss words from her. Altogether, I wish I was at Hogwarts because then I could cast a spell on these motherfuckers instead of having to hear them talk about the dumbest shit know to mankind. I know you have a half black and Half white kid…the little shit is framed on your desk. However, I wasn’t interested in knowing how your racist grandparents have made her dislike half of her own heritage. I don’t even think it’s funny that she points out the flaws of black culture in Walmart…despite her being black. All I can think of is that this poor kid is going to be really fucked up in the head. Once again, the dementors have ruined my mind and day.

  12. Some Guy says:

    I am 55, no collage. I make over 6 figures as a software engineer. Self taught, for close to 30 years. I am the luckiest SOB in the world right?
    It is just a matter of time until a 22 year old girl in HR picks my name out of a hat for a corporate restructuring. I will then be replaced by a kid from India who will get paid dirt.
    At that time my career/life will be over.

  13. cbea says:

    I hate my job,

    I started working here in 1997 after obtaining an engineering degree and a masters degree. Initially the problem was that I was being severely underpaid but at least I had an office. Then I got a chance to work from home. I then took an out of state assignment and when that was through the organization asked me to work in Colorado. This is where I began to hate my job. I share a cubicle with 3 other people – after 17 years of working with the same freaking company. I was supposed to get two work from home days but my supervisor graciously “Forgot” about it once I moved here. He tries to ask the other people in my cube where I am when I’m at lunch and when I told him that I was changing my times to 5:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. the fatch b!tch tried to bring his fat azz to work at 5:52 a.m. and he then tells another co-worker that he thought he was going to be the only one there at that time and although I told his dumb azz that I was going to be there at that time, he admitted that he didn’t believe me. I can’t stand the talkative people in my cube. One always butts in on my conversations, the other is super negative and the last one, I like her but I can’t stand it when she slurps her coffee in the morning, get some manners. I’ve been looking for another job, especially after my supervisor told me that the only promotion that I could get was his job and the only other thing that he can offer me is a lateral position where I would be seen more within the company. Big fat azzz

  14. Jason says:

    my job sucks. i work for a city’s department of public works. thats where idiots go when they cant work in the ‘real world’. there is little cooperation. if you need assistance or technical information from someone, its like pulling teeth, as if they dont want to share anything. WE WORK FOR THE SAME EMPLOYER! i dont get it. its not the worst place, but i miss private industry. the ONLY benefit worth staying for is that you arent overworked to death. its rare that i work more than 40 hours a week, so i can have time in the day for my dinner and hobbies. but it just seems like there is tension and animosity when dealing with people there, except for maybe one or two people.

    • Jasmin says:

      I am currently finhsiing up my BA in Child Development and Family Studies and thus far I have only work with children from 2 weeks to adolescent while helping support their families. The Physician that I would want to work under is an Obstetrics (OB) because they are in direct contact with pregnant women and their children during pregnancy. I would choose this particular specialty for a variety of reason such as having the opportunity to see individuals become parent for the first time, seeing how much love is surrounded in the process, being there to help the mothers while there in a vulnerable state. One of my main reasons is because I think that the whole birthing process is fascinating and to be able to be a part of family’s lives while going through this process, I imagine to be extremely rewarding.A of physician specialty that I would least want to work with would be a psychiatrist. Although I believe that psychiatrist do some spectacular work and help a lot of people through difficult situations I personally believe that this job would be to emotionally draining and overwhelming for me. This makes me question whether or not I would be able to handle it. When I set out to do a job my goal is to do the best that I can and I don’t feel that I could successfully do this job to the best of my ability.

    • Until I found this I thought I’d have to spend the day inside.

    • Big help, big help. And superlative news of course.

    • This site is like a classroom, except I don’t hate it. lol

    • I reckon you are quite dead on with that.

    • Stuck and lied to says:

      Man…. You’re describing every city I’ve ever worked for.
      And…. If you try to break the stereotype of “The city worker” you’re met with harsh criticism or plain jane stonewalling. I’ve worked for a city in the north Dallas area for almost ten years after my business sold, and the only, ONLY, consolation or explanation you could ever expect to get from someone that isn’t stuck in that “City” mentality is that you work for a bureaucracy filled with good ol boy clubs, bass-ackwards politics and clicks that most won’t fit into unless you can tone down your work ethic and find that balance between not caring and just plain F..king off.
      It’s been a long time for me, and I still find it damn near impossible to understand why things work the way they do at these type of administrations.
      I think if you’ve ever had to work your tail off to keep your job, you’ll never find a job at a public works department satisfying unless you’re looking at benefits for your family.
      But,… It’s just my opinion. Take it for what it is, an online opinion.

  15. Justagirl says:

    I HATE my job. When I first started, it wasn’t so bad. I only worked 15-20 hours a week. I now work around 34 hours per week, on average. I work at a gas station/pizza place in a small town. There are very few jobs here, and I am stuck. Also, we are the main store in town, and are VERY busy.

    I work by myself more than not, and am responsible for stocking the cooler, bagging ice, changing the outside trash, and cooking. It is difficult and stressful to the extreme trying to keep up with everything.

    Breaks.. there are NONE. Vacation time.. NONE. Basically, unless you work 35+ hours per week, you will never get vacation, ever. Well, they love to schedule me 34.75, it happens ALL the time. Only management gets vacation, to hell with the peons like myself that bust our asses!

    I mainly work 9 hour shifts, with no break. I’ve reached a point to where I am ready to cry at the thought of work, and am getting very depressed over having to stay at this job. Sometimes I can’t even go to the bathroom, or have 5 minutes to myself to eat or have a smoke. Ridiculous and completely disgusting, I must say.

    They expect more and more from us, when we can barely keep up with the work load we have now, for the same pay of course. We are given 30 lousy minutes to have everything done after the kitchen closes. If someone orders food right when the kitchen closes, we are expected to make it.

    Profits are put before people, and family emergencies. If your spouse has a heart attack, or gets hit by a car and has 1 hour to live, yet there is no one to rush in and cover your shift, tough shit to you! The kitchen must remain open at all costs. They do not care.

    I’m considering looking for another job in another town, wherever that may be, but my car has a lot of miles on it and gas is expensive, but I’m to the point where my mental health is at stake, and I don’t know how much longer I can take it here. I have decent co-workers that are nice small town folk, but it’s just not enough. This company is greedy, and only cares about profit.

    I’m sure I’ve left a lot out, but I’m just too exhausted to think straight anymore.

    • Jason says:

      hey – you sound like you might be a young adult. when i was, i went through the same thing at a hotel/restaurant. im not saying to just “suck it up”, but instead, that its temporary. eventually, you will move on to a better opportunity that presents itself. in the meantime, you are legally allowed to work a break. can u speak to your boss about that, and remind him of that little fact? they can work it so that there is more teamwork so that if someone is taking a break, the place doesnt fall apart…..good luck, hang in there.

    • Sarah says:

      I’m sorry :( no person should have to go through all that shit. We’re God’s highest form of creation! We deserve to LIVE! What is your dream job?

      • Vishal says:

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      • Please teach the rest of these internet hooligans how to write and research!

      • Just what the doctor ordered, thankity you!

      • You’ve really impressed me with that answer!

      • What I find so interesting is you could never find this anywhere else.

      • sildenafil says:

        Clear, informative, simple. Could I send you some e-hugs?

      • uk leading says:

        Thanks for contributing. It’s helped me understand the issues.

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        This is a most useful contribution to the debate

  16. tsa not okay says:

    I know this is a story everyone has heard. I graduated college in 2008 with a degree in Public Relations/Journalism. I was hired as a sales assistant at a radio broadcast group. I thought it would be awesome. It was – until I got laid off 6 months later.

    Fast forward 4 years later, I am still unemployed (working temp jobs) and getting pretty unhappy about not having a FT job with benefits. Enter – USAJobs, so I see the TSA is hiring for the airport close to me. I think of how awful TSA is, I think about the fact I need a job – I apply. So I get hired and the TSA recruiters fill my head with all the awesome things that will happen as a TSA employee (benefits! vacation! good pay!). Unfortunately, all of these “good” things do not outweigh the completely HORRID ways in which you are treated as a TSO.

    Not only do I have to do stupid things all day long (pat down people, take away water bottles, bark orders as if people are listening to me), but I also have to deal with management and believe me government management is the WORST. TSA is full of a bunch of idiots who only got to management positions because they’re butt kissers and assholes. They all know they’re getting paid WAY too much money (on the tax payer’s dime) for what they do (which is basically a whole lot of nothing). Most people don’t realize the incredibly un-balanced way in which TSA is organized. Here is the breakdown:

    TSO (the one you see rummaging through your bag)
    LTSO (A “lead” position, completely unneeded)
    STSO (typically 1-5 of these on a checkpoint, overpaid assholes who report to managers)
    Managers (They do nothing except discipline TSOs who do things they believe to be “bad”)
    Assistant Federal Security Directors (these people are who the managers report to)
    Federal Security Director (the head honcho of an airport)

    Do you see what I’m getting at here? The awful life of my everyday work is going in having to succumb to FIVE BOSSES (actually more considering there are numerous of each). TSA is one heaving pile of crap at every airport you’ve ever been in and I guarantee you all the TSOs are miserable in way or another. They’re just as miserable as you going through security.

    I get told when to take my breaks. I get told I have to report to my supervisor to use the restroom. I get told to really, really stupid things that make no logical sense. And you know what? It is not worth all the government benefits in the world. Nor is it worth the vacation time or the pay.


    • Sarah says:

      Wow! I always have tried to be nice to those people, but now I understand why most of them are always really grumpy. I’ll be even nicer in the future.
      What is your dream job?

  17. chris says:

    Ok, my story is quite long. I have a background in the police, army and I also have a university degree, but after discharging from the police due to – well, it ain’t everyone’s cup of tea, plus I got badly injured and thought it wasn’t worth my health and safety – I found myself struggling to find a job. I probably should mention that I hate retail and customer service with a passion. I have years of customer service experience – I worked various jobs whilst at university and afterward before I joined the army. After two months’ of unemployment, in sheer desperation, I applied at a petrol station and got the job. I specifically asked for night shift in case I got offered an interview for a better job during the day, I had all my days free. also, there’s (marginally) better pay at night. But I loathe my job. A lot of the customers are nice but that fake smile and cheery “Hi, how’re you going” 300 times a in a shift begins to grate on me. And of course there’s the occasional abusive person, like one I encountered last night where I effectively ended up telling a rude customer to take his attitude elsewhere next time, and copped a barrage of abuse and name-calling from him, in front of another customer, who was equally as appalled as I was. I don’t get paid enough to put up with that. At least as a police officer, when I got verbally abused, at least I was paid reasonably well and the job was semi-interesting. Here, I’m on minimum wage (I was earning more per hour stocking shelves at a supermarket years ago) and the job is mind-numbing, not to mention stressful when I’m on my own at night, being a small woman who wouldn’t weigh 50 kilos soaking wet. It’s not worth it for me. I was getting $15,000 more per year as a cop, so this drastic reduction in pay is hard to take, especially as I still have the same debts. I’m paying my mortgage on my own which is a struggle on a cashier’s wage, let me tell you. I’ve just built the house and have moved in but can’t afford to paint the walls or put in a garden or anything yet. I even had to borrow money from mum to pay the removalists and storage company where I’d kept my furniture. But no one else will hire me and I don’t understand why. Even to stock shelves or work in a factory putting stickers on legs of ham, you need to do online aptitude tests. I was obviously found unsuitable for every aptitude test I did, and never even made it to the interview stage in any job except this one I’m in. And then the real kick in the guts came a month or so ago. A friend who is a prison guard in a privately run prison in town (and earns very good money, even better than what I was getting as a cop) recommended me to his boss when he found out the prison was recruiting. But in order for my application to be considered, applicants had to attend an information session. Both information sessions were scheduled on nights when I was working at the service station. And being a very new employee still in training at the time, I did not have the luxury of being able to ask for a night off, or to swap shifts. So in other words, in accepting this job that I didn’t even want, I excluded myself from applying for a job that I really wanted. Arghhh!! I can’t win! My university degree was basically a waste of time and money, it was an arts and psychology degree – I’m not eligible to register as a psychologist and there’s nothing I can really do with my degree, and I don’t really have any other qualifications and skills, apart from my time in the army, which is not as highly regarded as I’d hoped it would be in the job market. So I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place right now. I hate my job and being on minimum wage, but there’s nothing I can do about it until something better comes along, and God knows when that’s going to be. I suppose I could re-enlist in the army, but I’m not a youngster anymore and don’t think I could handle all the moving around as well as I used to. I’m trying to get a job in mining, even though I know that the mining industry here in Australia is winding down. I’ve spent thousands of dollars – practically all of my savings – to do various courses and training in plant and machinery operation and other relevant mining courses, but have found that if you don’t have mine site experience, you will be hard pressed to find a job up there. But I’m holding out hope. Stranger things have happened. Goodness knows I need a break. I’m 30 years old for goodness’ sake, have experience up my sleeve, an army background and am willing to try anything but can’t even get an interview for a decent job. I can’t survive on minimum wage for much longer, not with my mortgage, car payments and all the rest of it. Sorry for the rant, I just feel so incredibly frustrated and feel like crying sometimes in despair, but there’s no use crying over spilled milk, as the saying goes. Just needed to vent my frustration.

    • Jason says:

      woah – retail? i truly feel for you. stay strong – something will come along. but maybe someone can give you better advice about dealing with customers. i can NEVER EVER do that job because i have little patience for jerks. is it possible your job search strategy needs to be tweaked? do you have a good resume? are your cover letters well written? please visit a counseling center at a local college, or at a job center – im sure with your status as a vet they will be eager to help you out. but re-consider your approach to submitting for jobs. it might simply be a few things that need to be adjusted!

  18. slave in retail says:

    I have been working at the same store for 4 years now and I use to love going to work. But ever since I got a new store manager my job is literally hell. She is completly unstatable. What kind of 40 yesr old takes perscripsion drugs at work and thinks no one will notice. She has to be always right, never wrong. For a year she fought me on how to process payroll and then when she was training a new manager she said that my way is the most accurate. As well as complain about you to the district manager snd never approach you with the issue. But worst of all is she is passive aggressive so she will just be hostile about the problem she has you will hear it from an associate. I work in a pre-school for adults. Fun.