I Hate My Job

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  1. Em Gee says:

    I hate my profession. I’m a registered nurse (Graduated 5/2013 with highest honors, clinical excellence, and 4 years experience as a CNA). I can’t find a job as a nurse, even with all of my volunteer time, CNA experience, scholarships, and academic excellence. I’m not being picky about specialty (though I’d love Psych the most, endocrine second most etc). I’ve applied to LTC and home care, but they want experience too. I’ve looked on the east coast and west coast because those are the two options open to me as far as housing. Honestly, I’m just disgusted.

  2. Katie Hyde says:

    Thinking this could be a great anthem for everyone: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8EKPCae_KV0

  3. Done with this says:

    Another fucked up job story. I work for MRC (Mcjunkin-Redman Corporatio) and I have been there a long time and it gets worse and worse. Let’s start off in saying, I work 12 hours+ almost every day of the summer and Saturdays as well. Not a big deal and yeah I’m making good money on the overtime. Now it’s wage and bonus time. The company sent out a memo stating we are losing money so there will be no wage increase or bonuses for the first time in years. They have to save money, but still put us back on the mandatory overtime when we are in it slow season. Im doing a job that usually pays significantly more, but I was just a fill in because the person who did it before me is off battling cancer. Great guy who was one of the best the company had. While he is off battling cancer and just went through his second surgery and third round of chemo, he received a call which turned out to be a conference call from our warehouse manager and a couple of other big wheels. They terminated him because his DR. couldn’t give an exact date when he could return to work. This was also two weeks before Christmas. If he worked on the corporate side instead of the warehouse, I’m sure they would have had fundraisers and stuff to help support him in his time of need. Our warehouse manager didn’t say it do anything to keep him. This guy covered his ass so many times, but that’s what happens I guess when you work for a boss who is so selfish, he holds it against him because his cancer is an inconvenience to the company. So tired of that boss. Such an egotistical, selfish, incompetent, heartless, dickless, rude, fat, short, I’m better than you because I have no boundaries dickhead if a boss.

  4. Pissed says:

    I spend my whole work day trying to figure out how to go home. This place is miserable. My mind is going a million miles a minute of thoughts of how quitting will affect my family. There isn’t jobs out there for me to do other than what I do now which is ems, I’ve been in it too long. It is time for me to get out of this. I know that, I grown to hate the long hours, the stressful calls, the bullshit ones, the management who could care less about medic safety, the trucks never get properly maintained. Tires never ever get rotated or changed. Equipment out of date. Management expects you to omit certain things on reports so they can get paid. It’s a freaking nightmare.

  5. AngryCNA says:

    I am a CNA in Iowa. I can honestly tell you I absolutely hate my job, the only reason I’m still doing this is for the residents and cannot afford to go back to a minimum wage job. My workplace is constantly understaffed, I am called on almost everyday I have off asked to come into work. The majority of the nurses I work with think the CNAs are their personal assistants and could care less about the residents. Many nurses I work with cannot be bothered to toilet, walk, change, or bathe a resident because I or another CNA are too busy to do so at the moment, they will let call lights go off for half an hour or more. while every CNA is with another resident and the nurse is just sitting on their ass at the nurses station. My administrators are absolute idiots and that’s putting it nicely. They are either to blind to acknowledge the hellhole they are responsible for, or just plain stupid. Some of my residents are crazy, I mean straight jacket crazy and are a danger to the other residents and staff members. One of these crazy residents has been KICKED OUT of every facility in the surrounding area, but one of our administrators took his families money without looking at his past, so now we are stuck with this looney toon that verbally and physically assaults us EVERY SINGLE DAY. This facility is an absolute mess and whats sad is it’s supposedly one of the “best nursing homes in the area” HA. If you are looking into becoming a CNA know what your getting yourself into. You will be treated like the dirt on the bottom of everyone’s (nurses, administrators, some residents. and residents family members) shoe. Nurses will get paid lots more than you to pass pills and virtually nothing else. Forget about being respected.

    • kw says:

      Ugh, that sucks on so many levels. :( Remember all the good you’re doing and how much your kindness means to the residents.

    • kw says:

      Development, which is fund raising, as in grant writing and sending sappy thank you letters for any random crap someone donates to your organization, is bull shit.

      We beg for money for our mediocre non profit, saying we’re doing all sorts of impressive things that we aren’t even close to. The stats we report are a load of crap, with half then made up.

      The economy has made it seemingly impossible to do what I went to school for.

    • FormerPatient says:

      Very interesting reading your story so I wanted to share mine as a patient. In 2007 I was hospitalized for 2 weeks. I noticed after a few days that the CNA and nurses didn’t always get along too well and it made me uncomfortable. In my presence, the communication between them was sometimes stiff or difficult. I heard one of the CNA’s comment under her breath that the nurse had seen my surgical drain pan was full but hadn’t removed it. I turned around to look and the bucket was nearly tipping over – gross! The CNA removed it, cleaned it and replaced it with a new one. A few days later, I rang the nurse call button because I needed help going to the bathroom. She said she’d be in shortly. 10 minutes later, I really had to go and no one had come in yet so I called again. I waited a few more minutes and then started to get up on my own. As I sat up on the edge of the bed I saw my nurse sitting at the nurse’s station talking to the other nurses/staff. My anger turned to humiliation as I realized I had waited too long and I peed myself. I was so mortified! The CNA walked in there just as I was trying to figure out what to do and she helped me clean up.

      I’m sorry that CNA’s aren’t respected like they should be. As a former patient, I am thankful for the wonderful treatment that I received from them. Keep it up, your patients love and appreciate you!

  6. Tired of Being a CNA says:

    CNA’s are tired of being taken advantage of. We are tired of being underpaid, unappreciated and overworked. We are tired of being treated like maids instead of healthcare professionals. We are tired of employers looking at us being as replaceable as toilet paper. If you are a CNA or thinking about becoming one you might want to hear from others who already have the job at a CNA forum (tiredofbeingacna), it’s not at all what they tell you it’s going to be, it’s a lot worse.

  7. Pete says:

    I work for Frito-Lay in Lamirada, CA as an RSR route sales. It is a horrible job. Long hours, never a raise, early hours, pushed constantly by managers. We always feel like management is looking over our shoulder. Zone Manager cuts our routes every year and since we get paid on commission we take paycuts pretty much every year. As long as he looks good is all that matters to him. We kneel all day long so many people have knee problems. If you are injured at work management tries to give you a write up even though it is illegal to do this. Stay away maybe my bad experience will help you out. DO NOT APPLY AT FRITO LAY

  8. Corporate Grunt says:

    Awesome website, and kudos to everyone that has come together to voice why corporate America is complete crap. Shameless plug, but I encourage you guys to check out the blog I just made regarding this exact topic. I’d love to hear more about your stories! http://www.CorporateGrunt.com

  9. mspissedoff says:

    Working in customer service is a pain the ass. It is very frustrating and it literally wears you down. I work at a grocery store and damn the world is filled with stupid annoying bastards that complain over the smallest shit. Why is this so expensive. Oh I have a coupon ( after ur done they give it to u). Why u charge tax? What is crv? Yep. Many people don’t know what the fuckkkk crv is. and customers expect you to know all the prices of the items. Damn I wish next time I have a customer coming in yelling I overcharged then when in fact I didn’t I could look them in the eye and say ” go fuck yourself, but have a nice day” . customers are neverrr right. Who ever came up with customers always right motto can shove it up their a$$$#*%s

  10. pissedoffworker says:

    I work for a connectivity company based out of Minneapolis. Nothing sucks more than being in customer service. There are some really dumb shits out there who need to be hand held through everything they set up through us, and even after they have been set up, they call in all the time to complain about things that we can’t control. One of our biggest selling product breaks all the fucken time. I don’t know what the hell the developers are doing, but they get paid to break stuff while we get paid shitty wages to deal with pissed off customers. The internal communication can be compared to a lost child looking for his parents and getting no response. It feels like high school with all the favoritism going around and newbies who can kiss ass get to work on special projects while those who don’t kiss ass gets stuck on the fucken phones. Yes, I have the option to leave, but the only thing keeping me hanging onto this job is I get to work offsite. Since I’ve been bashed up by all these incompetent customers and getting passed up like last years news, my self-esteem has deteriorated making me feel worthless, it is to the point where I feel I can’t find something better.

  11. WageSlave says:

    I work in vendor management for a SIFI (too big to fail) bank. The pay is ok, and I can work from home whenever I want. That’s where the ‘good stuff’ ends. Last year the OCC issued a bunch of edicts that resulted in our vendor program and policy being rewritten. As soon as this new policy came out, my predecessor left, and I was ‘promoted’ to her position from a job I loved in Records Management. The new process adds hundreds of tiny (but incredibly important) details that have complicated the role and increased the workload to an insane degree. I cannot complete my work without conducting and documenting several consultations with different experts. These experts are very annoyed by the increased volume and demands my policy places on them, and they don’t like to cooperate with the requirements. I miss a lot of deadlines chasing after these people for a 5 minute conversation. I support several, very diverse business divisions within the bank, and I do so alone. I’m new at this, and have found there is no support and no training. If I send a question to the corporate mailbox, I might get a response in a few months. But my work is constantly being audited and picked apart by gov entities. The job has become impossible. Not only am I struggling to bring 12 new vendors on board, I have to bring all of the existing ones into compliance with the new policy. It takes 60 days to certify a vendor, and I have 800 due by 10/31. Because of government-mandated checks and balances, there is no single part of my work that I can complete on my own. I have 5 CEOs that are FURIOUS at me for putting them through this insane program just to hire a consultant or a guy to fill the vending machine. I have no real control over my own success at work, and it’s very demoralizing. I feel like I’m trying to demolish a mountain with a toothpick. I take a lot of pride in my work, and have never been this unsuccessful in my life. I work nights, and weekends, but the work keeps coming faster than I can get it out the door. I’m having panic attacks and can’t eat during the workday. I’ve cried out of frustration more times in the last 6 months than in my entire 15 year career with this bank. I’m ready to throw away my retirement and walk out because it’s not worth the misery. I really hate my job.

  12. Matt says:

    I work for the state of NY. That is all.

    Actually there are decent state jobs out there and I had one before (NY Lottery), but where I am now (Workers Comp Board) is where careers go to die. I figured this out after I chased a so-called “promotion” and decided to come work in this god-forsaken place. The work of course consists of a nothing but menial tasks and staring at a computer screen all day long entering in various data from closed workers compensation cases. How is this data used? Does anyone benefit from our work? Turns out the answer is pretty much a resounding no and we are just here cranking out this work so that we can all have jobs and pretend to feel important and useful. Everyone except me.

    I dread being asked what I do for a living because I live, think, and act like an unemployed person, aside from the free time to job search. I have zero self-respect right now because this is what I spend my days doing. Nothing of value is being done here and nothing ever happens here that is even remotely worth my time, effort, and energy. I want to spend my days doing something that actually benefits someone. Saving the world is not my goal, but at least doing something productive is. Turns out I’m not qualified for work in the “real world” apparently, but I’m doing what I can.

    If the pointless work wasn’t bad enough, I’m surrounded by NY state lifers who have admitted they have given up and are just counting the days until their retirement. They spend their days gossiping and making mountains out of molehills so they can pretend they have a challenging and important job. They are the most mentally weak and inept people I have ever met in my life. I don’t talk to them because I don’t care to engage in pointless conversation that inevitably turns negative. They all repeat the same cycle of failure over and over again. The biggest issue that comes up is that our software applications run slow. And it’s the end of the world for everyone in there. Except for me who spends the time while the program is loading looking up grad schools to become a teacher and part-time jobs working with kids. And there’s a true gem of a state worker in our unit who never comes to work and looks exactly like Brian’s long-lost girlfriend in Family Guy that had Brian’s song, Dylan I think was his name. She is one of the worst people you’ll ever meet, but you know what’s just as bad? People who have spent their life doing nothing all day getting together and bitching and complaining about another bum for 3-4 hours per week on average.

    Sadly, I wonder if I can get into grad school and even if I did, if I would be able to get the job done after being in such a pointless and easy job for so long. I really start to question whether or not I really am becoming a true “state worker” myself.

    Nope, can’t be. I would have killed myself already.

    • Fellow Govt Worker says:

      I totally feel your pain. I’m in municipal government in California. I hate my job so much that I get depressed Sunday afternoon and totally dread Monday morning. I hate having that ‘lazy government worker’ label. My ‘customers’ literally treat me like a public servant. An yet I try so hard to be the complete opposite of the typical government worker.

      You should definitely work on a teaching degree. You need to get out of there and go live your dream of helping others. Good luck!

  13. Elise says:

    I work for a social networking company where we moderate content for various clients. This company is based in California and hires educated, witty individuals but here is the kicker– they won’t pay more than minimum for your state EVER and they treat you like dirt.

    The reviews are all over other sites and the CEO thinks he is GOD. He wrote some silly to do book after being in business 15 years… it is a compilation of all our work over the past few years. It’s simply a how to be a moderator book with some creepy marketing charts.

    The problem is that the work is all done on Social media sites such as twitter and facebook and the clients employees who we moderate for actually make more money starting.

    Why am I still here after 8 long years? Simple, I have no self esteem and I am stuck in a rut.

    There is no room for growth unless someone else likes you but once you mess up at ANYTIME, you are automatically on their “naughty” list.

    I am going to bet that if they could get away with giving LESS than minimum wage, they would.
    What is REALLY cool is that the moderators have to mann boards where the company
    back fighting hunger while the moderator is starving! Aint that sweet?

    The CEO is going to hell for being a greedy bastard!

  14. Dave says:

    I work in a kitchen next to my boss who owns the company. She is a bitch!! She is selfish and only cares about herself. Get in her way and you get the evil eye and she gets pissed.I work my ass off and am a good and honest employee. I’m fuckin stuck there cause theres nothing out there.Helppppp!

  15. sole says:

    I work somewhere in Atlanta where I answer phones all day. I have to handle people off the street & crazy people on the phone. I’ve applied to many places with no response. I answer about 200 to 300 calls making & doing shit for ungrateful ass people who can do tthis themselves. They literally walk pass 7 copiers to have me copy 2 sheets of damn paper. I’m losing my mind. I’m starting to hate myself because I don’t see a way out
    I hate this fucking place doesn’t even begin to describe my feelings

  16. Monica says:

    I work for a state university. We are always understaffed in every department. They make us hire unreliable students. If you are out sick or have an emergency of any kind the rest of the staff is run ragged. Administration is fucking clueless. I hate the fucking place

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  18. Caren says:

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  19. Tired dude says:

    I work in diesel maintenance and for a fucken retarded company.As a service manager nothing beats a technician fucking up a truck and you finding out from the customer.Then finding out even more from the top heavy slew of VP’s that each email you .When you tell them you fired the tech , and get the answer ” well it can’t happen again”!?!
    Well sorry fuck bag but my crystal ball broke so I guess ill just have to never eat or sleep and watch all 28 techs 24/7 just in case??!!
    God I hate this fucken world ,anyone else out there wish the series walking dead would come true and the useless would get weeded out? A fresh start to a tarnished ass backwards works of debt,debt, everything is about money money money ??